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Looking after your garden wildlife in November

Looking after your garden wildlife in November
The winter bite has bitten and, if you have feeders out, you will start to see them get busy now the bird's natural food sources are dwindling.  Try to keep feeders topped up so the birds build your garden into their daily routine. It can take weeks for birds to get confident enough to come to your garden to feed so by keeping a fresh supply of food you are more likely to see a busy garden each day
It might sound odd - but putting up nest boxes in November is a good idea as it can provide a great source of protection and warmth for birds in the colder months. This then increases the likelihood of them then using it for nesting in Spring.  The very latest you should leave hanging nest boxes is February.
With Bonfire night in November is it critical that you check for hedgehogs in any bonfire piles before lighting.  The piles of wood are a big attraction to hedgehogs looking for a place to hibernate.

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