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Four Reasons Grandma and Grandad Should Get Out in the Garden

Four Reasons Grandma and Grandad Should Get Out in the Garden

Being outdoors is good for you, whatever your age. But it’s especially important as we get older and both our physical and mental health need a little extra care.

If you feel your elderly relatives could use a little more time outside, make their outside space inviting. You could treat them to a bird feeding gift box, a few new gardening tools or a comfortable reclining chair. And tell them all about these four reasons why every Grandma and Grandad should get out in the garden that bit more:

It’s Good Exercise

Keeping active in later life has a number of benefits. It’s good for your body and maintaining a healthy weight. It’s even been linked to sharper thinking and better brain health. The NHS recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity for all adults aged over 65 who are generally fit and healthy. This includes activities such as pushing a lawn mower or digging a flower bed.

It Can Improve Sleep

We sleep better when we wake at sunrise and start to wind down at sunset. Artificial light interferes with this process while natural daylight supports it. Spending some time outdoors every day helps us to feel more alert during the daytime and more ready for sleep in the evening. And a good night’s sleep will boost levels of happiness and thinking skills during the day.

It Boosts Happiness

Being outside has been linked to lower levels of depression and stress along with a greater sense of wellbeing. Interacting with nature has also been seen to have a positive effect on our feelings of happiness. So feeding the birds, tending to the flowers or just having a cup of tea in the garden could make Grandma and Grandad feel much happier.

It Boosts Vitamin D Levels

Everyone needs vitamin D. We get the majority of our vitamin D from being out in sunlight. When we get enough, Vitamin D works to regulate the calcium in our bodies. This then helps to support strong and healthy bones and boost the immune system – both incredibly important in later life.

Getting outside to enjoy the garden brings a host of benefits. Because retired elderly relatives don’t always have a good reason for getting out of the house, encourage them to feed the birds, look after the garden or spot local wildlife. They’ll feel much healthier and happier as a result.

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